Amateras Server

For building all-around and user-friendly Immersive Theaters


Amateras Server is a powerful media server based on Amateras' projection correction technology to build reliable and flexible displays for permanent installations and temporal events. It can also diplay video from any inputs or high resolution real-time content running on the server without distortion on any screen surfaces. It also features robust single-server specifications designed for permanent installations and integration with various external devices. It can be used in a wide range of applications such as event video systems, projection mapping, digital signage and theater construction.

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360-degree video compatibility

Amateras Server fully supports a wide range of 360-degree video formats. Interactively look around in the video, or crop it to fit your screen, for a complete 360-degree experience.

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Supported content media types

Amateras Server allows you to seamlessly handle various types of video media. It also supports stereoscopic viewing, subtitling and network streaming.

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Flexible user interfaces

Amateras Server provides multiple graphical user interfaces that can be used for different purposes. Each interfaces can be operated from a separate multiple devices, wirelessly or simultaneously.

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Various display environments

Amateras Server has been installed in a wide variety of theater environments. It has evolved through these installations to provide accurate 360-degree video mapping and intuitive ease of use in any environment.

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Advanced Projection Mapping

Amateras' powerful projection correction technology combined with a variety of automatic calibration solutions ensures accurate and high-quality video projection in complex multi-projection environments.

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Presentation support functions

Amateras Server provides interactive presentation functions. Various presentation tools help you to make the most of your theater environment beyond content screening.

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Realtime special effects

Amateras Server has a number of built-in special effects display features. Special effects can be applied to existing videos in real time to create interactive effects.

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Theater equipments control

With Amateras Server alone, you can centralize control of your theater equipments, from managing lights and projectors to automating screenings. Playlists and external communication features can be used to integrate with existing theater consoles and equipments.

Tools to support operations

Dedicated player software for dome, panorama, and room shape screens is provided to work with Amateras Server. Full featured version of these software are available on Amateras Server.

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Design for reliable video playback

Amateras Server has been designed for smooth and stable video playback. Performance tuning as well as long-term benchmarking ensures high resolution video playback for the best viewing experience.

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Add-on solution for planetariums

Amateras Server is a powerful add-on solution to make full use of the planetarium facilities. Leave the rendering of the starry sky to optical projectors and dedicated digital planetariums, and use it as a highly expandable sub-system for the future.

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How to Purchase

Amateras Server will be sold on a per-project basis (site license). Some software can be tried out in advance with free trial versions.
*It will take about a month to manufacture the hardware equipment. Please contact us as soon as possible.

If you would like to receive training in projector calibration or have our staff perform calibration work on site, please contact us for further information.


For more information on Amateras products and services, please contact ORIHALCON Technologies, Inc.

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