Amateras Panorama Player

360-degree media player for panoramic theaters


Amateras Panorama Player is a media player software dedicated to panoramic cylindrical screen theaters with 360-degree content using multiple projectors or displays. As with the Amateras Dome Player for dome theaters, it offers the ease of use and functionality that only dedicated software can provide. It builds accurate 360-degree image projection from any viewpoint position in a short setup time. In addition, flat content and live video can be displayed as Picture in Picture style, just like putting up a poster on the panoramic screen surface.


360-degree content without a dome screen

Amateras Panorama Player accurately maps 360-degree content onto a panoramic (cylinder) screen, resulting in a distortion-free projection when viewed from a specified position.

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Layout of flat content on the wall

Flat content can be displayed over 360-degree content. It dramatically expands the range of applications for panoramic projection.

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Dome and 3D content support

Amateras Panorama Player supports various formats of wide view content, not only 360-degree, but also 180-degree dome content of the planetariums, 3D stereoscopic content, and more.

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Panorama-specific mapping tools

Designed specifically for panoramic mapping, the Amateras Panorama Mapper makes 360 degree content projection incredibly easy. It supports complex projector placement and configurations.

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Interactive look around and viewpoint movement

The 360-degree content projected on the panoramic screen can be freely rotated without distortion, allowing you to view the content in any direction you want. It can be adjusted to the optimal viewing point anywhere you want, for example as sitting down on a sofa.

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Expand possibilities with video capture

Amateras can be used for more than just playing back prepared content. The possibilities are even greater when you using external video inputs. You can display powerpoint presentations, all-sky streaming from your web browser, interactive art and even interactive games.

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Automated and scheduled operation of the screening program

Using the playlist function, partial and continuous playback of the video, as well as lighting control for audience entry and exit, can all be automated. It is also possible to show regular content programs without anyone present.

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Customize for easier to use

Customize your Amateras operation by adding a dedicated, easy-to-use physical controllers. You can use your smartphone to control your content playback and theater equipment wirelessly.

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Control everything in the theater

Amateras can also control a wide range of theater equipment, such as lighting, audio system and projectors. Amateras becomes the central hub of the theater, linking the equipment together.

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Software design for robust screenings

Amateras, the video player, is designed with smooth and stable video playback as its top priority. The internal design of the Amateras and its unique cache mechanism allow high resolution playback with realtime projection correction.

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Amateras Panorama Player 3.8.4

  • Changed to display only video, still images, and playlists in the File Library.
  • Fixed a bug where the virtual light occasionally turned on at startup.
  • Updated the encoding profiles.
  • Renewed the WebUI for remote operation.
  • Modified to enable specifying codecs via TCP/IP communication.
  • Fixed the display of the title bar in the Windows 11 environment.
  • Fixed the behavior when preloading videos in the playlist.
  • Fixed the behavior of desktop capture outside the main screen.
  • Modified to identify stereoscopic files with the keywords "_sbs" and "_tab" included in the file name.
  • Changed the default content folder to "content".
  • Modified to display the viewpoint control panel by default.
  • Supported video encoding from a file path which contains 2-bytes characters.
  • Fixed a bug where the video stopped playing only when seeking during video playback.
  • Fixed an issue where the video briefly turned black when paused during video playback.
  • Fixed an issue where a line was displayed at the seam on the backside.
  • Updated the projection correction file format output by Amateras Panorama Mapper.
  • Fixed a bug where PIP blending was applied twice in Amateras Panorama Mapper.
  • Modified to calculate the vertical lens shift of the projector in Amateras Panorama Mapper.
  • Fixed a bug where HUI was broken when changing the coordinate system in Amateras Panorama Mapper.

Windows 64bit version / MacOS 10.x


Amateras Panorama Player 3.6.0

  • NDI Input support added for Adobe After Effects/Premiere and realtime contents.
  • View control panel added for interactive panorama viewing.
  • Zoom marker added while scaling up/down in the mapping mode.
  • Remote Web UI is updated. Now content list is updated automatically.
  • Audio capture added to Datapath capture input.
  • View and playback control with Oculus Touch added.
  • View frustum export added in Panorama Mapper.
  • Encode profiles and GUI framework are updated.
  • Non-square video capture inputs displayed black region in PIP.
  • Gamepad focus was fixed in sub windows.
  • RS-232C messages must be devided by \r or \n character.
  • Switching Simul Stereoscopic mode of Panasonic projectors is added.

Windows 64bit version


Amateras Panorama Player 3.5.6

  • First release as Amateras Panorama Player

Windows 64bit version

System Requirements

OS Windows10 (64bit only)
CPU Corei5 or better
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce/Quadro series graphics cards

* High performance CPU and graphics cards are required for high resolution movie playback.
* To build a full-scale system with multiple projectors, consider installing Amateras Server.

How to Purchase

Please contact us for pricing information. Software can be tried out in advance with free trial version.

If you would like to receive training in projector calibration or have our staff perform calibration work on site, please contact us for further information.


For more information on Amateras products and services, please contact ORIHALCON Technologies, Inc.

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