Amateras Dome Player

Ultimate media player specially designed for dome theaters


As the industry's leading dome content player, Amateras Dome Player is a powerful and easy-to-use system that enjoys widespread adoption for use with both small and larger, hi-end dome theaters. Its graphical interface (GUI) is specially designed for domes, so you can make the best use of your dome theater's immersive environment. All of its previewing functions are available for free, so anyone can understand how to use the dome theater without actually being there. Amateras Dome Player was developed in order to facilitate content creation and make the technology accessible to help expand the community of dome content creators.


A dedicated tool,
that is designed to make your work easier.

Amateras has been developed by our expert team, based on extensive knowledge about dome projection operations and practices. Amateras will simply all of the setup and preparations, so that you can just focus on giving the best presentations for your audience in real time.

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Enjoy dome contents even outside of the dome.

Amateras has become an indispensable tool for dome content creators. You can simulate how your content will look on a dome screen. It provides you with a quick and accurate way to preview dome contents, outside of the dome, on a PC.

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Add Enchanting,
real-time effects to your dome.

Amateras3 is equipped with new features to enable "real-time effects", allowing you to add corrections and modifications on your contents during playback. For example, a live VJ performance can be enhanced by dynamic, colorful animation effects.
Your creative ideas can open up new horizons for dome theater utilization!

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Display flat screen contents
on your dome.

Amateras can display usual flat screen contents freely on the dome screen. You can add as many slides as you want, and place them wherever you want. Now 360deg immersive dome screen is all yours to decorate.

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Enjoy a panorama scenery
as it is.

Dome screen is the best choice for projecting panorama contents. You can recreate the scenery as it is, and enjoy the view as if you are actually standing there.

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Capture live image.
And capture a new perspective.

Not only for dome contents playback! Expand the possibilities for further dome use with external input. Video capture and desktop capture are new ways to bring other real-time contents into your dome. Presentation slides, web pages, video streaming, interactive games, and even more!

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Automate your dome programs.

Playlist function is a simple way to automate a sequence of operations, such as partial or continuous playback of movies, and theater light controls. With an external time scheduler tool, you can run all shows of a day without operators.

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Customize Amateras
as you like.

You can design special input controllers to operate Amateras. Using this feature, you can remote control your dome contents and even theater equipment with your smartphone or other wireless devices.

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Control everything
for your dome.

Amateras can control various theater devices, such as projectors and lighting system. Now All theater equipment can be integrated on Amateras.

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Robust backbone of
the dome playback.

What is required most, for theater operation, is stability. Amateras has been used at numerous critical environments because of its robustness.

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Magic tool for
dome projection designers.

Amateras knows a range of dome projection techniques. You can use them for simulation, calibration and daily maintenance.

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Scalabilities for any theaters.

Amateras can be adopted for any types of dome projection systems. Single fish-eye/mirror projection in inflatable domes, multi-projection systems, or even in high-end 8K projection domes. The high usability is guaranteed for any circumstances.

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AMATERAS Dome Player consists of three versions. You can use Free Version for use and test all functions. Two other editions are commercial product licenses for actual dome projection use.
Flying logo is displayed in some functions in Free Version, but that is only the difference. So you can test all functions befor purchase the license.

  Free Version Standard Version Professional Version
Sequencial Images output Logo displayed Available Available
Spherical Mirror / OmniMap Logo displayed Available Available
Projection Correction Setup Logo displayed Logo displayed Available
Multi-Projection Setup Logo displayed Logo displayed Available
Network Synchronization Logo displayed Logo displayed Available
Price Free Sell (USB Dongle)
2,000 USD
Sell per site
Contact us.

Available : Function is available
Logo displayed : Function is available but logo is displayed.


Latest Version


Amateras Dome Player 3.8.4

  • Changed to not display files other than videos, still images, and playlists in the File Library.
  • Fixed a bug where the virtual light sometimes turns on at startup.
  • Added perspective corner correction function to the mapping function.
  • Updated encoding profiles.
  • Renewed the WebUI for remote control.
  • Fixed to specify the codec via TCP/IP communication.
  • Fixed the display of the title bar in the Windows 11 environment.
  • Fixed the behavior when preloading videos in the playlist.
  • Fixed the behavior of desktop capture outside the main screen.
  • Supported export of sbraw and spm formats in projection correction.
  • Modified to identify stereoscopic files using the "_sbs" and "_tab" keywords included in the file name.
  • Changed the default content folder to "content".
  • Supported video encoding from a file path which contains 2-bytes characters.
  • Fixed a bug where only the video stops when seeking during video playback.
  • Fixed an issue where the video briefly turns black during pause during video playback.

Windows 64bit / MacOS 10.x


Amateras Dome Player 3.6.0

  • NDI Input support added for Adobe After Effects/Premiere and realtime contents.
  • View control panel added for interactive panorama viewing.
  • Amateras Dome Mapper added for multi-projection in a dome theater.
  • Keep tilt angle of panorama content matching to the horizontal line of the dome screen.
  • Zoom marker added while scaling up/down in the mapping mode.
  • Remote Web UI is updated. Now content list is updated automatically.
  • Audio capture added to Datapath capture input.
  • View and playback control with Oculus Touch added.
  • Encode profiles and GUI framework are updated.
  • Non-square video capture inputs displayed black region in PIP.
  • Gamepad focus was fixed in sub windows.
  • RS-232C messages must be devided by \r or \n character.
  • Switching Simul Stereoscopic mode of Panasonic projectors is added.

Windows 64bit / MacOS 10.x


Amateras Dome Player 3.5.4

  • GPU Decode (H.264, H.265/10bit) added for Amateras Server.
  • Compatibility with Room Player and Mapper is improved.
  • Projection Format (Dome master or Equirectangular) settings added for each content file.
  • ARTNet support added for lighing control.
  • Fixed PJLINK bug which caused crash by frequent access.
  • Fixed GUI bug by desktop scaling.
  • More test pattern grids added.

Windows 64bit / MacOS 10.x


Amateras Dome Player 3.5.2

  • Supports playback of mp4 files such as RICOH Theta (Encoding with Amateras Encoder recommended).
  • Supports aanoramic view operation by 3DConnexion Space Mouse.
  • Fixed a bug where slides were affected by Panorama Conversion.
  • Displays Amateras encoding when trying to play unencoded movie files.
  • Changes Amateras Encoder's default profile to 'No Resize High Quality'.
  • Fixed to select FPS close to source when encoding.
  • Reset view to spherical center in Overlay view style with Panorama Conversion.
  • Fixed file sync to run without external tools.
  • Stereoscopic projection becomes available in Free version.
  • Fixed several GUI style bugs.
  • Projection: Export frustum distortion meshes with triangulation.
  • Projection: Add display position to 'Build Multi-displays' dialog.
  • Projection: 'Build Room Mapping' function added.
  • Projection: Sbraw format support added for distortion, white and black level correction.
  • Projection: Fixed the line marker end point bug.

Windows 64bit / MacOS 10.x


Amateras Dome Player 3.5.0

  • Changed interface to black flat design.
  • High resolution display (Retina) supported.
  • Launch problem in MacOS Sierra and later is fixed.
  • Drag & Drop operation supported in Playlist and File list.
  • Smooth unloading after movie content transitions.
  • Remaining slide regions after removing all slides fixed.
  • Spout library updated to the latest version.
  • Remove all sub windows by Reset Layou button.
  • Projection: SBRaw mesh format import supported.
  • Projection: Mesh format .sbraw import supported.
  • Display profile info in Encoder.

Windows 64bit / MacOS 10.x


Amateras Dome Player 3.4.0

  • Multi-thread decoding supported (in Option Settiongs dialog).
  • Higher playback upto 4K Dome Master 60fps supported with multi-thread decode.
  • 10bit, YUV422/444 and H.265 codecs added (we still recommend using Amateras Encoder).
  • 60fps and 4K Dome Matser profiles added to Amateras Encoder.
  • App.setPanoramaRande(min. direction, max. direction, min. tilt, max. tilt) command added.
  • Shortcut keys becomes available in the trackball mode.
  • The latest Datapath capture cards (4K60p) supported.
  • Progress of the playlist can close showing message.
  • Fixed a bug where the application closed in full screen mode.
  • Numerical input in Panoramic Conversion dialog fixed.
  • Make .cache folder hidden in the File Library.
  • Direction labels in Oculus Rift view style fixed.
  • Projection: Perspective correction supported.
  • Projection: Asymmetric frustum supported.
  • Projection: Fixed a bug where the cursor did not hide in the projection correction mode.
  • Projection: Fixed a bug when exporting from multiple displays.
  • Projection: Black level, white level and DLP color correction supported.
  • Projection: Mesh format .cmb import supported.
  • Projection: Options added to DirectX .x format import.
  • Released the latest version 3.4.0 on the MacOSX version too.

Windows 64bit / MacOS 10.x


Amateras Dome Player 3.3.2

  • Compatibility with the latest NVIDIA driver fixed.
  • Spout capture with alpha channel supported.
  • Panorama conversion settings can be stored in File Library for each content.
  • Stereoscopic offset setting added.
  • Green line edge bug around movie contens fixed.
  • Screen grid rendering is fixed.
  • App.setCursorPos(x, y) command added to move the mouse cursor.
  • OSC.sendDirect("address:port", "path", vvalue) command added.
  • Save images with transparent background is fixed.
  • [Enter] key problem with Script Output window fixed.
  • [with Dound] check box also works with transitions.
  • [Maximum Frame Rate] in Option Settings dialog is fixed.
  • Ranged movie files with 29.97 fps in the playlist did not proceed at its end.
  • Frame synchronization with NVIDIA Quadro Sync supported.
  • Projection: Manual black level correction supported.
  • Projection: Brightness and gamma control for each displays added.
  • Projection: Mask erasing bug is fixed.
  • Projection: Confirmation with unsaved project can be disabled.
  • Projection: Project file parameters are minimized.
  • Projection: [Generate Edge Blending] with Blending meshes is fixed.
  • Projection: Region cropping in OBJ file export added.
  • Projection: SCISS .sgc format import supported.
  • Projection: DirectX .x format import supported.

Windows 64bit


Amateras Dome Player 3.3.0

  • Rebuild internal structures to share with Mapper.
  • Application icons fixed.
  • Sub views layout is stored for later use.
  • Specify sequencial image files by "-o filename6d.bmp".
  • Vertical stereoscopic layout by keyword "_TB" in file name.
  • Player states displayed in Effects panel.
  • Vertical flip flag added for Spout2 capture.
  • Lock View prohibits to reset camera position.
  • Save as Jpeg file with highest quality setting.
  • Line width becomes configurable independently from offscreen resolution.
  • An image file is loaded smoothly while playing a movie.
  • App.getVersion() command added to retrieve Amateras' version number.
  • Rendering optimized for screen grid, slides and virtual light.
  • Rendering optimized for Environment models.
  • Projection: Display region crops meshes, masks, etc..
  • Projection: Confirm dialog after the project saved.
  • Projection: Overlay image for Computer added.
  • Projection: Composition Bufferr added for composition in source.
  • Projection: OmniMap project and view style supported.

Windows 64bit / MacOS 10.x


Amateras Dome Player 3.2.4

  • Spout2 realtime application screen capture support (such as AfterEffects with Spout plugin) (Windows).
  • Trackball operation mode added to look around panoramic images.
  • Negative Color effect added.
  • Tilt center position fixed for Equirectangular to Domemaster dormat conversion.
  • Premultiplied aplha image sequence files supported.
  • Extract Audio profile didn't work in English environment.
  • Fixed several bugs.
  • Launch problem fixed for MacOSX version.

Windows 64bit / MacOS 10.x


Amateras Dome Player 3.2.2

  • Adjust Panorama effect added.
  • CPU usage problem fixed.
  • Fixed several bugs.

Windows 64bit / MacOS 10.x


Amateras Dome Player 3.2.1

  • Panorama control GUI improved. (Center parameter added.)
  • Equirectangular template added.
  • Oculus Runtime 0.7.0 support. (Windows)
  • Occasional display error fixed in launching time. (MacOSX)
  • Fixed several bugs.

Windows 64bit / MacOS 10.x


Amateras Dome Player 3.2.0

  • Panorama control GUI improved.
  • GUI in Hi-DPI display environment fixed.
  • Message Box after Sequencial Image Export and Save the project file.
  • TCP and DMX communication bug fixed. (Windows)
  • Projection: Stage is refactored to Computer and Display.
  • Projection: Edge of meshes can be antialiased.
  • Projection: Marker Line changed to connected lines.
  • Fixed several bugs.

Windows 64bit / MacOS 10.x


Amateras Dome Player 3.1.4

  • Crop works with outside of the source region.
  • Color Correction enabled state is visible on the tool bar.
  • Inter-change between equirectangular and domemaster formats supported.
  • NVIDIA Quadro/Quadro Sync frame synchronization supported.
  • Blackmagic Decklink capture cards supported.
  • More projector types become controlable.
  • Node lock product registration in MacOSX platform.
  • Stereoscopic rendering was inverted.
  • Projection: Frustum based correction for realtime application supported.
  • Projection: Resizing mesh also resize pins.
  • Projection: Multiple IP address in each Mesh Stage.
  • Projection: Re-order of meshes in a Mesh Stage supported.
  • Projection: Aspect ratio for wide view projection fixed.
  • Projection: Generate edge blending fixed.
  • Fixed several bugs.

Windows 64bit / MacOS 10.x


Amateras Dome Player 3.1.2

  • Color Correction added in the context menu of the File Libray.
  • Desktop Capture added in the Playlist.
  • DMX and MIDI pulse added in the Playlist.
  • Sequencial Image playback speed becomes adjustable.
  • Projection: Pins snapped to the markers.
  • Projection: Mesh alpha becomes fadable.
  • Fixed several bugs.

Windows 64bit / MacOS 10.x


Amateras Dome Player 3.1

  • Added stereoscopic dome content support (Horizontal Double Dome Master format).
  • Added spherical mirror warp projection view.
  • Added Oculus Rift DK2 support.
  • Added window order control function.
  • Added dynamic playback speed control.
  • Added image export with splitting.
  • Show warning when play a movie with embeded sound.
  • Show warning two-byte characters in encoding file path.
  • Projection: Added mesh opacitty control.
  • Projection: Added line shape marker.
  • Projection: Added generation of corner pins.
  • Projection: Added rectalngle and radial test patterns.
  • Projection: Optimized huge polygon mesh rendering.
  • Projection: Toggle all blending and mask at once.
  • Projection: Marker and Pin size become resizable.
  • Projection: Cursor shape becomes easy to find in multi-projection.
  • Fixed several bugs.

Windows 64bit / MacOS 10.x


Amateras Dome Player 3.0
Windows 64bit / MacOS 10.x

System Requirements

OS Windows 7 or later (64bit only), MacOS X 10.10 or later
CPU Intel Corei5 or better
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce/Quadro or AMD Radeon/FireGL graphics card

* High performance CPU and graphics cards are required for high resolution movie playback.


For more information on Amateras products and services, please contact ORIHALCON Technologies, Inc.

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